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Board of Visitors

Salem Academy and College Board of Visitors 2018-19


Eleanor Cross Young A’97 (2020), Chair
      Davidson, NC

Sabrina Slade (2019), Vice Chair
     Winston-Salem, NC

BJ Buckland C’90 (2019)

Winifred Currie Ballenger C’74 (2019)
     Roanoke, VA

Sallie Smalley Beason A’85 (2020)
     Charlotte, NC

Elena Boeva C’00 (2019)
     New York, NY

B. J. Buckland C’90 (2019)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Marion Deerhake C’77 (2019)
     Raleigh, NC

Beth Mabe Gianopulos C’97 (2018)
     Kernersville, NC

Sandy High C’06 (2019)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Jessica Faulkenberry Hughes C’01 (2019)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Cheryl Lindsay (2019)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Martha Riggs Lowry A’79, C’91 (2020)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Elizabeth Madden (2019)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Anne Berger Salisbury C’71 (2019)
     Cary, NC

Katherine Elizabeth Mims Schroeder C’76 (2020)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Anna McCoy Smith C’98 (2020)
     Winston-Salem, NC

Michael Trawick (2020)

Michael Trawick (2020)
     Winston-Salem, NC


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