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College Counseling

College Counseling

One hundred percent of Salem Academy students go on to attend college after graduation, therefore the college counseling process begins very early. As soon as a student enters Salem, a collaborative advising process begins between the student, her advisor, her teachers, and the college counselor. Through this team effort, the personal academic growth of each student is fostered to ensure that she masters the skills required to perform successfully in college.

Beginning in the ninth grade, the college counseling process starts with a group meeting designed to introduce students to initial college selection techniques. Resources are shared with students in order to aid the research that needs to occur during the ninth and tenth grades. Students begin to meet with the college counselor individually during the junior year to discuss educational goals and college plans. Research, goals, and future plans are evaluated on a one-on-one basis beginning at this time and continue through the senior year. Parents are encouraged to participate throughout the process. Students are invited to schedule subsequent meetings with the college counselor as frequently as necessary until the college application process is complete.


Researching Colleges

There are a number of ways students can research college options, beginning as early as the ninth grade. Salem students and parents can start with basic Internet searches. Salem’s Naviance web program can assist in matching students with possible colleges, along with other important information about specific colleges, including acceptance histories at Salem Academy. 

Salem also invites numerous college admissions representatives from all over the United States to speak with interested students. This allows students to make contact with admissions professionals and to have specific questions answered. While this can be very effective, the most vital component of college research is the campus visit. Students are encouraged to schedule campus visits and interviews during our school breaks as often as possible. This is the most effective way to not only learn a lot about a certain college but also if that college will provide the student with the experience she is looking for. Juniors are permitted three excused absences and seniors are allowed two throughout the year to be used specifically for college campus visits.


College Counseling

Our college counselor is here to help your daughter throughout the college application process.

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