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January Term

January Term

January Term is a period of approximately three weeks following the winter holiday that is set aside for learning and exploration that is not typically encompassed by the curriculum of regular classes. Students participate in on-campus classes, off-campus internships, or participate in select travel abroad opportunities. As is the case with first and second semester grades, grades for January Term courses, travel work, and internships are recorded on the student’s transcript. Successful completion of January Term is a graduation requirement. Following January Term, students present information about their experiences to faculty, staff, fellow students, and the public. 

The On-Campus Program

Jan Term Classroom Spotlights

The on-campus program for freshmen and sophomores is classroom-based, but it is not routine. Unlike Salem’s usual six-period academic schedule, the morning is divided into three class periods. Unlike the traditional curriculum, classes offered during January Term present subject matter and approaches to subject matter that are not usually a part of the traditional curriculum. Recent Jan Term classes include study of photography, kitchen chemistry, farming, blogging, automotive essentials, Latin America, and human rights and the history of law. The afternoon is characterized by variety. Students select from a wide assortment of enrichment activities, including art, music, athletics, community service, and drivers’ education.

One day each week during January Term, the entire on-campus student body participates in a day of off-campus education. Recent activities have included visits to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC; attending a violin concert in Charlotte, NC; and touring Duke University. 


The Off-Campus Program

Jan Term Internship Spotlights

The off-campus portion of Jan Term is designed for juniors and seniors. The exception to this is the school-sponsored trip, which is open to all students. The off-campus program offers the student one of three possible learning experiences: (1) internship, (2) alumnae honor internship and (3) school-sponsored trip. Each of these options is an alternative learning experience outside of the traditional academic environment of the Academy. The internship must be designed by the student herself and be educational in nature.


Jenna Barns Internship with prop plane

Jenna A’18 is one step closer to her dream job as a pilot. She completed a Jan Term internship at Smith Reynolds Airport, where she learned about aviation.  

January Term also provides a time during which 9th and 10th-grade students may be required to take tutorials on-campus if they are experiencing difficulty in a particular course.

January Term Forms

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