Due to winter weather, Salem Academy will open at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. See our Winter Storm Update page for details.


Why Salem Academy?

Every Salem Academy graduate emerges ready for the future, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take on any challenge she faces.

A Curriculum That Challenges and Inspires

Our college-preparatory curriculum pushes every student to build the foundation she needs to thrive in college and beyond.

Experts in Educating Women

For more than 240 years, Salem has focused solely on educating women, adapting and perfecting our curriculum along the way to meet the needs of contemporary students.

Igniting Brilliance

The teachers, advisors, and coaches at Salem are an exceptional presence in their students’ lives, providing the inspiration and structure to help students follow their unique talents and passions.

Attainable Excellence

A Salem Academy education is elite, but we maintain a culture that is not elitist. We were founded on the belief that a first-class education can make a profound impact on a young woman’s life, and that belief still defines us today.

Modern Young Women, Grounded in Tradition

We have built a caring community that encourages every student to embark on an intellectual, spiritual, and social journey while enjoying the freedom to mature at her own pace.

Our Students are World-Ready

The Salem experience shapes young women into the leaders the world needs: life-ready, leadership-ready, and world-ready.

Move-In Day 2015

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