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Extracurricular Sports

Dance is offered as an extracurricular sport at Salem Academy.

Dance is the vehicle for better learning, creativity, and problem solving. Through the introductions of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, students are exposed to self-discovery and body awareness.

The dance program at Salem Academy allows interested students to begin or continue the study of different styles of dance techniques. It provides a variety of learning experiences to help students better understand and appreciate dance from a technical and an artistic point of view.

In addition to the backbone of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, dances of different cultures are introduced through a series of ethnic discovery classes throughout the year. Approximately three classes focus on experiencing dances around the world—African, Indian, and Asian. Master teachers visits expose Academy students to the rich diversity that dance and our culture have to offer. Dance is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00–5:30 pm in the dance studio.

Dance Repertory

The Dance Repertory class takes a comprehensive approach, offering study of ballet, modern dance, jazz and aerobic choreographic styles; discussion and use of property body mechanics; and an opportunity for each student to develop a sense of creative expression.

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