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Campus Life

Boarding Student Life

students sharing a laptop in a dorm room

At Salem Academy, we believe preparing students for university and for life doesn’t just happen between 8:00 am–3:30 pm. College requires many skills, and in our boarding program, students learn to be independent and to partner, to manage time well and to prioritize, to compromise and to stand tall, and to be empathetic and to laugh often. The relationships established at the Academy last a lifetime—for they are built on the firmest of foundations. It is precisely the lasting friendships that are cultivated when students live together, learn together, and play together that serve to define the special atmosphere of the Academy.

Your Room and Roommate

New students are assigned roommates based on interest questionnaires completed during the summer. After the first year, students may choose their own roommates with room preference based on a seniority system. Each room is furnished with two beds, two desk and chairs, two dressers, and two closets, as well as a sink and cabinet. Roommates enjoy decorating and adding personal touches to their dorm rooms.

Dorm Life

Boarding students live in four dormitories: Emma Bahnson (EB), Carrie Schaffner (CS), Hodges, or McMichael. House Counselors, a mix of older and younger women who live on each floor, act as informed advisers and manage evening life. All House Counselors are members of the Residential Life Staff under the direction of the Dean of Students. A Senior Prefect also lives on each hall and is available as a support to her hallmates and the House Counselor. The House Council, made up of the president and senior prefects, meets regularly during the school year to ensure that boarding life is running at its best. Throughout the year, the Residence Life staff hosts events and activities within the dormitories.

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