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Campus Life

Boarding Student Daily Schedule

Want to know more about a day in the life of an Academy boarding student?  Here’s a typical schedule.

7:15 am: The alarm rings. Should I hit snooze or not?

7:45 am: Plenty of time to hit the dining hall before class. Today I can eat a big breakfast. After all, it’s about a two minute walk to my A period classroom. I join a table with a group who arrived earlier. I’ll grab an apple on my way out to save for later.

8:15–9:50 am: A and B periods. I aced an Algebra quiz and discussed last night’s reading in English.

student presenting in front of class


9:50 am: Assembly. I made my announcement about the Key Club service project next week. I can’t forget to sign up for the Carowinds trip on Saturday. Suzie lost her shoes again.

10:05 am: COOKIE BREAK!  The tray of cookies was waiting in the lounge when I arrived, and the cookies were still warm.  Yum!

 students enjoying a cookie break

10:15 am–12:40 pm: C, D, and E periods.  I gave a report on Catherine de Medici in Renaissance History class. During my free period, I spent some time on tonight’s homework, and in Biology we began a unit on plant cells.

12:45–1:15 pm: I joined my friends in the dining hall for lunch.

1:20–2:05 pm: F period. I gave the weather report and practiced writing characters in Mandarin class.

2:10–2:55 pm: We’re biking on the greenway in PE today. It’s beautiful this time of year!

3:00–3:45 pm: Biology Lab is meeting outside in the May Dell. We’re studying the trees and leaves.

4:00 pm: Heading down to field hockey practice. We have a game tomorrow, so I know we’ll work on some important skills today.

student on the field wearing uniform with the field hockey team 

5:30 pm: After that workout, I’m ready for dinner! Time to clean up and go to the dining hall.

7:00–9:00 pm: Evening study hall. I love that all of campus is quietly working right now. I like studying in my room, but if I need some extra focus I might go to the library.

9:00 pm: Free time! Making popcorn with friends turns into an impromptu dance party.

10:00 pm: Time to check in with my prefect. I have a little time before lights out, but I’m starting to wind down. One of my day student friends stayed late for play rehearsal, so she’s going to spend the night with me and my roommate.

11:00 pm: Goodnight! Can’t wait to find out what tomorrow will bring.


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