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Sisters Merit Scholarship Awarded

Friday, March 8, 2019
2023 Sisters Merit Scholarship Recipient

Morgan Alysabeth Tringali of Charlotte, North Carolina, has been named as the recipient of the 2019 Salem Academy Sisters Merit Scholarship, a competitive award that enables an incoming first-year boarding student to attend the 247-year-old Academy for high school girls tuition-free for four years.

Morgan is the daughter of Matthew and Julie Tringali. Morgan is a current 8th grader at Mint Hill Middle School; she will begin her first year at Salem in the fall. 

When asked what is the most important quality of a leader. Morgan responded, “Staying committed even in difficult times, being responsible, other-centered, and how to support others in times of need.”

In reviewing Morgan’s application, Morgan’s academic successes are extremely impressive but what made her stand out the most is her character.  Morgan is a young woman who is a very active member in her community, creating fundraisers to help those in need such as “24 Foundation”, which supports local cancer support programs; and brought North Carolina Virtual Public School to her school. Morgan has a kind heart that was admired by other students while getting to know her on Accepted Students Night.

The scholarship application describes the recipient as a student “who will enrich Salem with her presence, inspire her fellow students, and extend the reputation of Salem beyond her years as a student. A Sisters Merit Scholar is committed to academic excellence and to a lifetime of learning, and her leadership will recognize our global world. Through a four-year journey of immersion in Winston-Salem and the surrounding community—science/technology, fine arts, community service, and government—she will discover her passion and set off on her own journey while, at the same time, she will be committed to roles outside herself that inspire others, and roles that build community and make the world a better place in which to live.”

We are very excited to see how Morgan will further grow her potential with Salem Academy.


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