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Week of April 25, 2019

From the Head of School

Just listen…hear that?” (Subaru Commercial, “See the World”)

I am fascinated with the Subaru commercial that begins with two people asking if their map will show them the Peninsula Trail, and a blind man replies, “Peninsula Trail…you won’t find that on a map. I’ll take you there.” The commercial shows this new threesome going on their adventure, using their senses to experience their journey.

I was curious if this man was indeed sightless or if he was an actor, so I Googled “car commercial with a couple on a hike and a blind man.” (For you novices - Google doesn’t necessarily need details or accuracies, which is great for my searches.) One of the articles revealed that the man is, indeed, a blind artist and woodworker who “really does take sighted people out on the trails to give them a different take on the surroundings…scenes of him urging his young charges to savor the aroma of their food, feel the wind and listen for echoes of the whale-song resonate because he lives such moments in real life all the time.” *

Living in real life all the time…can it be that simple?

I was fortunate to eat lunch with a faculty member’s advisees this week, and two of the advisees are seniors. One of the two was talking about the college she will be attending (Michigan State), the major she plans to pursue (Criminal Justice), and the career that she will have upon college graduation. This may or may not be the path that she follows, but she has a plan. The other senior shared her college choice (she is going to University of San Francisco), and she shared her decision-making process in selecting this as the next school, reflecting on the attractions and the possibilities each had to offer. I was getting a little worried that these two wonderful girls were already thinking of their next experience, but without much prompting, they shared their fear that this final month would fly by. They have their eyes on their future, but they have their feet and their hearts at Salem Academy. I believe that they are living in “real time,” taking what they have learned and experienced and applying it to their decision making process. And now that their college decision has been made, they do not need to rush the process.

April will be over in a few days, and there will be a whirlwind of constant activity at 500 E Salem Avenue. I plan to spend as much time with the seniors as I can, in part because they are a fabulous class, and in part, because they will remind me that even though we are all thinking about the next academic year, not losing sight of today is what matters.

Far may our song ring clear!
Carol Killebrew

Upcoming Events and Activities

Spring Theatre Production

Theater Department Needs Your Help

Dear Parents and Students;

 The Theatre Department is underway and we are preparing to open our next play.  Over the past several years we have sold refreshments during intermission for the performances. The money goes towards the theatre celebration at the end of the year.  We are in need of things to sell. If you are willing, we are looking for bottles of water, and snack foods like Little Debbie cakes or homemade cookies and brownies or little bags of chips.  The cookies and brownies will need to be individually wrapped. Donations can be sent to school with your daughter, or they can be brought to the theatre on performance nights.

  Also, we will be having a cast/crew party right after strike after the last Sunday performance.  If anyone wants to donate food and drink for the students it would be greatly appreciated. They will probably miss dinner so this will be something they will attack with great hunger.  We have about 30 students involved with the show.

  All the students who are signed up for any crew are required to be at set strike which begins at 3:45 on Sunday, April 28th.  Any parents or relatives can come and help as well. We always need extra hands and especially extra drills.

 It is always a pleasure working with the students on a show and I am looking forward to working with them again in future productions.  Please call or email me if you have any questions at kerry.lawson@salem.edu or 336-917-5508.

Thank you,

Kerry Lawson

Joel Weston Award for Faculty Excellence

he Parents’ Association of Salem Academy established the Joel Weston Award for Faculty Excellence in memory of Joel Weston and to honor the faculty and staff of Salem Academy. The first award was presented at the Recognition Program in the spring of 1986.

We will be providing the opportunity for nominations from students, faculty, and staff, and we would also welcome nominations from parents. Click here for the criteria for the award and the nomination form. To place someone’s name in nomination, send their name and a few brief remarks about why you feel they deserve this award. Please submit all nominations with supporting statements to Kathy Barnes, kathyw.barnes@salem.edu.  The deadline for submitting nominations for the Weston Award has been extended through Friday, April 26.

Reminder to Parents

Returning parents, please don’t forget about our new referral bonus!

For current families who refer new families to Salem Academy, there will be a $1000 referral bonus applied towards tuition.

Qualifications include:

  1. The family must be new to Salem Academy;
  2. The new family must notify us of your referral; and
  3. The new family must pay their deposit and registration fees.

This bonus will be applied to the 2019-2020 school year and is awarded per family referred.

How Girls Achieve - Bookmarks Program

SECU Family House Summer 2019 Opportunity

Teens in the House

This summer the SECU Family House is offering four weeks for high school students who are ready for an inside peek at what it takes to make a successful non-profit run. Students will visit a hospital, explore the various support services that the Family House provides to guests, cook a meal for guests- and so much more! Students receive 16 service hours upon completion and should apply as the grade they will be in the fall.

Dates for Rising High Schoolers:

  • June 17 – June 20
  • July 22 – 25

The program is Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Applications are due May 10, 2019. Cost of the program is $70. Scholarships are available. For more information, please check here.


2019 Salem Sports Camp for Kids

Salem Academy STEAM Camp and Robotics-Coding Camp for Girls

Registration is Now Open!!
Go to https://www.salemacademy.com/steamcamp


Salem Academy Calendar and Major Dates

Click here to review Salem Academy’s academic calendar for the 2019-2020 school year; major dates for 2020-2021, 2021-2022, and 2022-2023 are included as well.

Athletics - This Week's Events

Athletics - Last Week's Results

Loss, 0-5 (Home)

The Sabers hosted the Westchester Wildcats on Tuesday, just a week after playing them the first time. Salem showed up and put up a much harder fight. Despite the outcome not being in their favor, the Sabers were successful in many areas on the field. Abigail Wucherer and Mary Brannen Connolley had great games as outside midfielders. They worked endlessly to get up and down the field to provide a presence on both the offense and defense. Emma Grimstead had a solid game in the middle of the field and helped to win the ball for Salem on many occasions. The team honored their three seniors, Blythe HudsonAbigail Wucherer, and Kelly Nesser, at the end of the match and thanked each of them for their commitment to the Salem Academy soccer team. 

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