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Week of June 6, 2019

From the Head of School

Sometimes it is the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.” (The Imitation Game)

2018-2019 is in the books, and what a fantastic chapter in the Salem Academy collection this one is! We ended the year in the best way possible - celebrating our students. I am honored to share with you our award winners, graduation speeches, and class officers for 2019-2020.

We are taking a summer hiatus, but I will send an update in July and this newsletter will continue in August. I wish you and your family a wonderful, restful summer with a lot of pleasure reading!

Far may our song ring clear!
Carol Killebrew

2019 Commencement Marshalls

11th Grade

  • Mackenzie Culp 
  • Makenna Hartwich 
  • Lucy Price 
  • Amira Rady

10th Grade

  • Amanda Peake 
  • Cameron Shaw
9th Grade:
  • Claire Black 
  • Margot Burke 

Scholarship Awards & Recognition

PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) Scholarship: Lillian Giles

Park Scholarship, NC State University: Abigail Wucherer

Stamps Scholarship, Wake Forest University: Ashley Peake

DAR (Daughters of the Revolution) Citizenship Award: Jayden Brown


Academic Awards & Recognition

First Honor Graduate: Ashley Peake

Second Honor Graduate: Abigail Wucherer


Mandarin Language Awards

Certificate of Participation in North Carolina Chinese Speech Contest:

  • Alex Byers
  • Caroline Drupka
  • Brier Evans
  • Ava Heinen
  • Elizabeth Hough
  • Blythe Hudson
  • Jeanine Ikekhua
  • Mace Marley
  • Amy Martinez
  • Cameron Shaw
  • Sidney Stearns

Certificate of Participation for an Exceptional Submission in North Carolina Chinese Writing ContestKelly Cabrera


National Latin Exam Awards:

  • Cum Laude, Honors Latin II: Maggie Dees
  • Magna Cum Laude
    • Latin I: Rennie Parker
    • Honors Latin II: Michaela Murphy
  • Maxima Cum Laude certificate with a silver medal
    • Honors Latin II: Mandy Peake
    • AP Latin: Lucy Price, Abigail Wucherer
  • Summa Cum Laude certificate with a gold medal
    • Honors Latin III: Makenna Hartwich, Maggie Campbell
    • AP LatinFavor Idika Praise Idika, Ashley Peake

Randolph College Classics Book Award: Lucy Price


National Spanish Exam

  • Bronze medals
    • Spanish I: Emma Grimstead
    • Spanish III: Aaliyah Brown
  • Silver medals
    • Spanish I: Piper Angel, Claire Black, Sophia Gnad, Donelle Leak, Sydney Whitt, 
    • Spanish II: Jessica Gentles, Caitlin Kinnamon, Katherine Mims, Iva Sopta,
    • Spanish III: Lucy Calaway, Sylvia Dodds, Jordan Duncan, Tiarra Georges, Faith Harcus, Sophia Iltis, Sara Kent Trollinger, Amira Rady
    • Spanish IV: Lillian Smith
  • Gold Medals:
    • Spanish I: Mary Brennen Connolley, Kaymah Joseph
    • Spanish II: Miranda Fitch, Sophia Severs
    • Spanish III: Mackenzie Culp, Angelina Pierre

National Spanish Exam at State Level

  • Spanish III with outside experience - 3rd Place: Amira Rady
  • Spanish III with classroom experience - 1st Place: Mackenzie Culp
  • Spanish III Perfect Score: Mackenzie Culp



  • Elsie R. Nunn Mathematics Award: Ashley Peake


  • Rensselaer Scholarship Award: Lucy Price
  • Jacqueleene B. Dobbins Excellence in Science Award: Alia Agee


  • Betty Clauset History Award: Jasmine Bost


  • Randolph College Book Award: Maggie Campbell
  • Ruth Krouskup Award
    • English I: Claire Black
    • English II: Sophia Severs
    • English III: Makenna Hartwich
  • Jess Byrd English Award: Jasmine Bost



Fine Arts Awards & Recognition

Visual Arts

  • Leadership Award: Chase Alston
  • Teaching Assistant Award: Favor Idika
  • Rising Star Awards: Mary Brannen Connolley, Claire Black
  • Salem Academy Purchase Award: Jenae Edwards


  • Salem Academy Acting Awards
    • Level 3: Iva Sopta, Asha Gandhi, Jeanine Ikekhua, Maggie Dees
    • Level 2: Rennie Parker, Jasmine Bost, Cami Shaw, Margot Burke, Marisa Bringewatt, Izzy Pare
    • Level 1: Tochi Okoli, Sylvia Dodds, Brier Evans, Jordan Duncan, Praise Idika, Mira Fitch, Sophie Severs, Kelly Nesser, Sara Kent Trollinger
  • Salem Academy Theatre Awards: Miracle Etim-Andy, Praise Idika


  • Best of Spirit Award: Mira Fitch
  • Outstanding Member of Glee Club Award: Lucy Calaway
  • Conductor’s Service Award: Angelina Pierre
  • Orpheus Award: Renfang “Amy” Lu
  • Salem Academy Choirs Senior Award: Jiaxin “Summer” Liu, Winna Xia

Athletics Awards & Recognition

Triple Saber Award: Jenae Edwards, Kelly Nesser, Abigail Wucherer

Barbara Barnes Hauptfuhrer Award: Abigail Wucherer

Zanne Meads Memorial Sportsmanship Award: Kelly Nesser


Student Life Awards & Recognition

Citizenship Honor: Alia Agee, Jenae Edwards

The Century Service Award: Jayden Brown, Jordan Duncan, Blythe Hudson, Katherine Mims, Abigail Wucherer

Community Service Award: Katherine Mims

Service to Salem: Jenae Edwards, Kiya Norman, Abigail Wucherer

Oak Award: Alia Agee

Faculty Award: Miracle Etim-Andy

The Salem Cup: Gold Team

Faculty and Staff Awards

The 2018-2019 Faculty/Staff Yearbook Dedication: Michelle Lawrence

Joel Weston Faculty and Staff Award: Michelle Lawrence

Elsie Nunn Faculty Award: Kris Sorrells

    Salem Academy Major School Officers 2019 - 2020

    Honor Cabinet President: Amira Rady

    Senior Class President: Sidney Stearns

    Student Council President: Caroline Harman

    Fellowship Council President: Aaliyah Brown

    House Council President: Jeanine Ikekhua

    Athletic Council President: Brier Evans

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