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Week of August 29, 2019

From the Head of School

“Crafting a plan is easy. Taking action will always prove to be the more difficult path.” (The Rent Collector,  Chapter 2, page 26)

It’s official - the 2019-2020 Salem Academy academic year has begun!

I have spent the last two weeks getting organized, cleaning out both paper and electronic files, and trying to start new habits so that I am not doing things at the last minute. My calendar is somewhat current, and I have a list of songs to play at the beginning of Assembly for the next few weeks. Finally, I have an exercise plan and am committed to getting back to my daily journaling. 

I am just waiting for it all to derail.

The beginning of a school year is full of resolutions for our new (academic) year, but having too many new additions can make even the best schedule impossible to maintain. We all make promises to commitments without realizing how much time they may take, and then the exact opposite of what we planned to do happens: Instead of being productive, we have misjudged the necessary time commitment, which turns into mismanagement of other tasks, which results with our not getting to everything we planned to do -  in turn, throwing off the specific schedule for the next day. The cycle repeats and frustration builds, and the weeks of preparation seem like a waste of time. 

So while I have prepared and planned, there is only one action that I can always own: Give my best effort. This is easily done by giving my full attention to people when they are speaking to me, by stopping to talk with a student or colleague who seems to need a conversation, by modeling polite behaviors, and by forgiving myself if I just didn’t get everything done. 

I am really excited about this new year, and I look forward to seeing you on campus as we support and cheer on our most important stakeholders - your daughters!

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew


Salem Academy Orientation is still Ongoing!

View our Labor Day weekend activities here. Please join us at Home Moravian Church on Friday for Opening Chapel and Sunday for the morning service as we begin our 248th school year.

Closed Weekend on Campus

This weekend, we will have a closed weekend on campus to continue our orientation schedule. During closed weekends, we ask that all boarders remain on campus for our scheduled activities. Day students are encouraged to participate in all of our campus events, which include a pool party, cookout, hall activities, and gardening activity with the Home Moravian Congregation.

2019-2020 Academic Updates

Students are settling into their classes this week.  If a student wishes to make a schedule change, she must do so during the drop/add period which ends on Friday, September 6.  See Mrs. Boyd, DIrector of Studies, for changes.

New this year, the Academy will have true semesters rather than a quarter grading system.  Advisors will send a progress update in late September, and teachers will write individual progress reports for students the week of October 28.  Each student is encouraged to check in regularly with her advisor and teachers about her academic progress.


College Counseling Updates


Please be sure to jump on the Google Doc that Dr. Spong emailed to you to schedule an individual appointment. 

The following colleges are sending admissions counselors to our campus next week in the EB Reception Room. If you are senior applying (or thinking about applying) to one of these schools, you are highly encouraged to come meet the representative. If you are a junior and want to hear more about the school, you also may come to hear the presentation. Freshman and Sophomores - you may not miss class to attend, but if you have a study hall or open time you can check in with your study hall teacher and join us.

All students attending:

 Please let your teacher know ahead of time that you will miss class. Remember: you may not miss a major assessment to attend, but if you do have a major assessment, let me know ahead of time and I will be sure to mention your name to the representative. 

  • Lynn University Tuesday, September 3rd, 8:30 AM
  • Vanderbilt University Wednesday, September 4th, 2:00 PM
  • Sarah Lawrence College Thursday, September 5th, 2:00 PM

Class of 2020 Ring Orders

 This is a reminder that the final payments for senior class rings are due August 30th.  Also, if your student placed a ring order that was incomplete in April (i.e. ring information was given but no deposit), then the order is still on hold and has not been processed/made by Herff Jones.  Please contact Herff Jones immediately to communicate any ring order changes.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Ms. Penn (felecia.penn@salem.edu) as soon as possible.  Thank you and have a good day!

Herff Jones 


Technology on Dorm

If you would like to restrict your daughter’s use of her personal technology devices during the evenings, please contact Dean Rogers (lauren.rogers@salem.edu or 336-721-2776)  to set up a plan for your daughter’s tech use.

Athletics Update

Preseason 2019

How did you spend your last week of summer? The Salem Academy fall student-athletes had their own idea of how to cherish the last few days of relaxation.  Rather than chill by the pool or at the beach, these athletes chose to move into the dorms and dedicate their last week of summer to bettering themselves and strengthening their team.

         As the 32 cross country, field hockey, tennis and volleyball athletes moved into their rooms, the athletic staff was on Bryant Patio preparing for the Preseason Kickoff Barbecue.  With Mr. Will manning the grill, the athletes gathered for a wonderful meal. Hamburgers and hotdogs were devoured, and after we ate, athletes met with their coaches and caught up with old friends.

         Tuesday morning came with an early wake-up call, breakfast at the Academy dining hall, grueling morning fitness, and a two and a half-hour practice.  Lunch was a good time to cool off and refuel for a two and a half-hour afternoon practice. With temperatures in the 90’s, athletes pushed each other through drills, cheered each other on through fitness testing, and demanded the best of themselves and their teammates. 

         The rest of the week followed a similar rigorous schedule.  The athletes persevered through endless practices and were rewarded with fun evening activities. On Tuesday, athletes enjoyed the movie High School Musical singing  “We’re all in this Together”  while consuming large amounts of theater candy.  On Wednesday evening we boarded buses and were off to the Winston Salem Open.  Our Salem athletes were treated to the first-ever women’s exhibition tennis match between 15-year-old Coco Gauff and number 2 in the world Ashleigh Barty.  The match between these two proved to be exciting and entertaining. Thursday evening brought us much needed relaxation at Westwood Swim Club for a pizza party and meeting new students.  By day, the Salem Academy fall athletes could be found running, jumping, swinging and out-pacing their competition. By night, they were nursing blisters, stretching sore muscles, and hydrating in preparation for the next day.

         Friday brought the last day of practice and a great sigh of relief from the fatigued athletes.  Following morning practice, Salem’s 12th annual preseason came to an end. The athletes departed on Friday with an inspired sense of team unity and Salem pride.  Good Luck to all of the Fall Athletes in their upcoming season! Your hard work and devotion make Salem proud!



Upcoming Athletic Events

  • 9/3 - Tennis vs. High Point Christian - Home 4:00
  • 9/3 - Volleyball at High Point Christian - Away - 4:00
  • 9/6 - Tennis vs. Westchester Country Day - Home - 4:00
  • 9/6 - Volleyball vs. Westchester Country Day - Home - 4:30

Upcoming Activities and Events

Report from Hong Kong

This past summer Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Sorrells, and eight lucky students from Salem Academy were invited to participate in the Design Immersion Group program at Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong. The trip was filled with enriching experiences in international culture, the visual arts and design, entrepreneurship, innovation, experimentation, and problem-solving. Our students formed two teams to solve the problem, “What is next for Google Maps?”. The first team included Makenna Hartwich, Lucy Price, Cami Shaw, and Rennie Parker, who took the challenge in its broad sense by proposing an app that would combine many of the current user experiences in an integrated format giving users a one-stop fits all experience. The second team, Charlotte Tang, Alex Byers, Jada Jones, and Donelle Leak, took the challenge in a narrowing of current user experiences. They proposed an app that would allow the user to select between a commercial or small business (local) path when visiting a new city or shopping experience. Each student also participated in a week-long design course taught by SCAD professors in a college setting. These classes included film making, interior design, fashion design, fashion marketing, and abstract painting. Please stop by and visit our display in the auditorium waiting area during Parents Weekend (September 27-29).

Below are a few images of the many journeys students took through culture, learning, and history. Join us in our adventures hiking Dragon Back, the 3-mile strip of Hong Kong Beaches, Disneyland Hong Kong, The Heritage Museum, The History Museum, Hot Pot, trying street food, and visiting a variety of street markets. Watch for a coming link to the Salem Academy Flickr page for all of our images.


Our Dining Hall is now Peanut and Tree Nut Free

Beginning this fall, our dining hall will no longer serve peanuts or tree nuts due to the allergy sensitivities of our student body. 

Student Handbook Available Online

Click here (PDF) to explore our Student Handbook wherever you are!

Major Dates for 2019-2020 School Year

Make sure that you take note of these important school dates. Click here for the calendar.


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