Due to winter weather, Salem Academy will open at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. See our Winter Storm Update page for details.

Week of September 5, 2019

From the Head of School

“In the end, girls’ schools should not be judged by the absence of boys, but rather by the presence - the self-assurance, poise, and derring do - of the girls themselves.” (National Coalition of Girls’ Schools)

The above quotation is in a pamphlet produced by the National Coalition of Girls Schools titled “The Girls’ School Advantage.” This resource provides statistics on leadership skills, confidence builiding, educational prowess, and higher aspirations that are garnered from a single sex education. I have torn out the page with this quotation, framed it, and put it in a prominent place in my office for visitors to see. I sometimes forget that what I have lived, worked and believed about girls’ school education my entire life sometimes needs to be explained and supported, so it is a gift to have this quotation available.

There was one statistic that seemed a bit low to me: “Nearly 50% of all women graduating from girls’ schools rate their public speaking ability as high, compared to 38% from public schools.” The reason that I believe that this percentage to be inaccurate is because of the Salem Academy girls who grace these halls. From announcements in Assembly to presentations before the Board, from senior Chapel Talks to interviewing for college scholarship, our girls model what it means to present a topic with confidence and accuracy. 

Serendipitously, we are privileged to have author Joy Jones, author of Fearless Public Speaking: A Guide for Beginners, come to campus on Friday, September 6 to talk with our seniors. Ms. Jones is a featured speaker at Bookmarks’ 15th Annual Festival of Books & Authors, and we are the lucky recipients of the Authors in Schools program. I anticipate that she will be pleasantly surprised with the level of confidence that our girls already possess…maybe they can be the inspiration for her next book, possibly titled Fearless Public Speaking: Completed?

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew

Note from quotation - “derring do” - noun; action displaying heroic courage


Salem Weather Information and Alerts

The fall time of year is peak hurricane season for the southeastern United States.  As you may be aware, Florida is presently bracing for the impact of Hurricane Dorian this weekend.  

Salem Academy and College closely monitors weather events that may impact our area.  At this time, Hurricane Dorian may produce rainfall for parts of North Carolina early next week as it transitions from a hurricane to a tropical storm.  Ahead of the storm, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has declared a State of Emergency to protect against price-gouging for hurricane-related supplies should it become necessary for North Carolina residents to prepare in this manner.  Salem prepares for weather events such as hurricanes to ensure campus residents have the essentials they need during a storm. 

In the event it becomes necessary to notify the Salem community of any weather-related emergencies or cancellations, notice will be provided as early as possible through mobile text and call alerts (for those who have registered to receive Salem alerts on their mobile devices), e-mail, Salem Academy and College websites, and the local WXII news channel and website. 

Please review the following additional information regarding weather-event preparedness:

Public Safety

For assistance from Public Safety at any time, call (336) 917-5555. Public Safety is staffed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.    

Power Outage

In the event Salem loses power to all or parts of campus, please be aware of the following:

  1. Contact Public Safety in an emergency using cell numbers: 336-345-4235 OR 336-399-3126.
  2. The card access system may be inoperable.  If this were to occur, individuals who need assistance with facility access should contact Public Safety.
  3. Emergency lights will be operable.
  4. Cell phone charging stations will be set up on designated areas of campus to assist you.

Dining Services

If we experience inclement weather, Salem Academy’s Dean of Students or Director of Residential Life will notify residential students of any changes to dining hours. 

Hurricane Safety Tips

  • You should always seek shelter inside a building when there is a potential for high winds.

  • Once inside, you should find the lowest possible level (e.g., basements, 1st floors).

  • You should avoid spaces with exterior walls and windows.

  • Follow instructions from House Staff regarding designated safe spaces in residence halls.

  • Carefully read text alerts that you receive from the Salem Blackboard Connect Emergency Alert System (and be sure you are signed up to receive text alerts).

  • Candles are prohibited on campus. If you need a flashlight, please reach out to House Staff members.

  • You should remain in a safe location until the danger is over. 

  • Keep your mobile devices charged and stay in contact with your family.

  • Please report any damage or flooding to your House Staff members as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • Walking around campus during the storm is prohibited, as the potential for being struck by falling tree limbs and debris is high.

  • The athletic fields and the May Dell will be off-limits, as they have a high potential for flooding during rainfalls.

  • Medical issues should be immediately reported to House Staff.

Thank you for your attention to this information.  

Salem Academy Annual Asbestos Notification

August 30, 2019

This information is provided as partial fulfillment of AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) rules requiring annual notification of workers and building occupants or their legal guardians of inspections, response actions, and post response action activities, including periodic re-inspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress.  

Periodic surveillance of asbestos-containing materials is performed in all academy buildings annually. This is done to ensure that asbestos-containing materials are maintained in good condition.  A complete re-inspection of all Salem Academy buildings was conducted in March 2019 with the next inspection scheduled for March 2020. The re-inspections and any sampling will be conducted by AHERA Accredited Inspectors and Management Planners. The results of the re-inspection and any samplings will be included in the AHERA Management Plan. A copy of the AHERA Management Plan is available in the director of operations office located at the physical plant.

As an element of the AHERA Management Plan, the academy follows an Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O & M) Plan which further outlines measures to protect building occupants and workers by minimizing potential exposure. The academy updated the O & M Plan in December 2012. The improvements in the O & M Plan are intended to make it easier to use by the physical plant department employees and outside contractors that perform work within academy buildings and to ensure the continued safety of students and building occupants.

If you have any questions regarding the asbestos program, please contact Brenda Hutchens at (336) 917-5405

Saber Athletics Update

Athletic Picnic

Students covered in shaving cream

The Salem Academy student body celebrated the opening of school with the 248th  annual athletic picnic. Sabers gathered on the front lawn of the Academy with great anticipation of finding out what their legacy would be.  New students were inducted into the purple or gold team.  Each inducted student was christened with colorful paint and ran through a tunnel of spirited teammates.  The purple and gold teams battled in a tug-o-war match, big ball volleyball, and water balloon tosses. The picnic ended with the annual tradition of seniors spraying shaving cream all over their fellow classmates. After the games were over, Sabers were treated to a refreshing cup of Kona Ice.  In the end, a good time was had by all! 

Students on Front Lawn of SchoolStudents playing tug of warStudents on Front Lawn of School


Tennis 2019

The 2019 Salem Academy tennis season got off to a good start with all team members contributing wins in either singles or doubles on September 3 at the Salem courts. Winning for Salem in all six singles flights were: Krystal Chukwuanu, Emma Grimstead, Jesse Gentles, Izzy Smith, Faith Harcus, and Sidney Stearnes. In doubles, the teams of Emma Shelby/Molly Beasley and Michaela Murphy/Camille Hudson took the number 2 and 3 flights respectively. Salem 1-0 is host to Westchester Country Day on Friday, September 6.

Athlete playing tennis

Volleyball 2019

The Salem Academy Volleyball team traveled to High Point Christian yesterday to kick off their 2019 season.  As with any first match, there will always be pregame jitters and nervousness. The team came together, learned lessons and had moments of sheer professionalism. We graduated 3 starters from last year’s team so we are in a rebuilding year. Our returning varsity players are Maggie Dees, Maggie Campbell, Izzy Pare, and Sara Kent Trollinger.

Even with blazing serves from Maggie Campbell and Maggie Dees, lightning-like hustle from Angelina Pierre and Izzy Pare, aggressive setting from Rennie Parker and blocks from Kate Dossel and Maggie Dees that made these opponents feel like they were hitting into a brick wall, it was just shy of a win.  The two out of three matches were close, with Salem having the lead many times. In the end, it was a good lesson to be learned and to show that the volleyball mantra works when implemented…”Stay calm, stay low.” - Coach Vander Lugt (Coach T)

It’s going to be a GREAT volleyball season!


Upcoming Athletic Events

  • 9/9 - Tennis vs. Forsyth Country Day - Home 4:00 PM
  • 9/9 - Volleyball vs. Forsyth Country Day - Home - 4:30 PM
  • 9/9 - Field Hockey vs. Forsyth Country Day - Away - 5:00 PM
  • 9/12 - Cross Country at High Point Christian - Away - West End Park  6:15 PM
  • 9/12 - Field Hockey at Greensboro Day - Away - 4:30 PM
  • 9/12 - Volleyball at Greensboro Day - Away - 4:30 PM
  • 9/12 - Tennis at Greensboro Day - Away - 4:00 PM

Upcoming Activities and Events

Upcoming Activities and Events

2020 Jan Term Trip to Austria, Switzerland, and Germany

Viennese Waltz by Vladimir Pervuninsky

Viennese Waltz by Vladimir Pervuninsky

Your last chance to enroll for the Arts Department Alpine Adventure is September 13, 2019. Come join us for waltzing, hiking, exploring and more. Please follow the link to www.eftours.com, tour number 2030893YA, or contact Maria Robinson at maria.robinson@salem.edu.

Our Dining Hall is now Peanut and Tree Nut Free

Beginning this fall, our dining hall will no longer serve peanuts or tree nuts due to the allergy sensitivities of our student body. 

Technology on Dorm

If you would like to restrict your daughter’s use of her personal technology devices during the evenings, please contact Dean Rogers (lauren.rogers@salem.edu) to set up a plan for your daughter’s tech use.

Student Handbook Available Online

Download the Salem Academy Student Handbook to explore it wherever you are!

Major Dates for 2019-2020 School Year

Download Salem Academy’s school calendar. Please make sure that you take note of these important school dates. 

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